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ASCI's mission is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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    Our Vision

    Africa’s creativity is a gift to the world! Whether on the fields of America's sports leagues or in Europe's illustrious museums, African athletes and artists' performances remind us how far the magic of imagination can take us.

    These individual success stories, however, do not fully translate in sustainable economic growth for the 1.4 billion strong continent.  

    How do Africans make sense of this missed opportunity?

    What we do


    ASCI's data and insightful reports help you to detect growth opportunities in the African sports & creative ecosystem.


    our team of experts supports public and private organizations looking to launch initiatives generating wealth for Africa’s unique athletic and creative talent



    We promote homegrown African leadership thanks to education, mentorship, innovation, and technology.


    In February 2024, ASCI unveils the highly anticipated “Understanding the Game” the English rendition of the book “Economie du Sport en Afrique,” published in 2021. 

    This release promises to be a pivotal moment, offering a broader audience access to the valuable insights and analyses presented in the original work.

    Africa Sports Industry: Understanding the Game

    With 80% of the world as sports fans, the global sports sector stands as a powerful economic force, contributing approximately 3% to the world’s GDP. Intriguingly, Africa is home to world-class athletes. While they have played a pivotal role in generating global wealth, Africa’s sports industry only contributes 0.5% to the GDP of the continent. The tide is turning, and Africa is poised for transformation. Boasting a burgeoning youthful population of 1.4 billion, a rising middle class, and a surge in sports consumption and participation, Africa is witnessing an influx of investments. Delve into the lay of the land and explore the dynamics of Africa’s sports ecosystem. Who are the trailblazers driving change? What does the future hold for the sports ecosystem? How can the industry be structured and monetized effectively? This book presents a comprehensive analysis of these critical questions, offering a vision to elevate Africa’s sports ecosystem to global prominence.

    This is a ground-breaking team effort led by Will Mbiakop and a panel of esteemed experts that includes N. Okonjo-Iweala (WTO), T. Thiam (Finance Icon), M. Diop (IFC), F. Samoura (FIFA), R. Rioux (AFD), H. El Habti (UM6P), M. Ujiri (NBA), V. Songwe (UNECA), G. Ramos (UNESCO), and football legend D. Drogba.

    The book tells an authentic narrative where Africans not only participate in the global sports arena but lead it.


    ASCI and its network of global experts produce articles, reports, and recommendations to help build a sustainable sports & creative ecosystem


    Our online and face-to-face events keep you connected with the leaders who build the African sports ecosystem

    Africa CEO Forum - Annual Summit

    When:  16 &17 May 2024

    Where: Kigali, Rwanda

    Accelerating the Sports & Creative Business Ecosystem in Africa and the Caribbean

    When:  11 June 2024

    Where: Nassau, The Bahamas

    Understanding the Game! Washington DC

    When: 29 February 2024

    Where: Washington DC

    Understanding the Game! Abidjan

    When: 10 February 2024

    Where: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

    Investing in Africa for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development

    When: 31 October 2023

    Where: Paris, France

    Future Stars Experience

    When: 14 October 2023

    Where: Benguerir, Morocco


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